The facility consists of diversified machineries to meet the different needs of customers with flexible production solutions for large, medium and small volumes:

• n° 30 multi-spindle lathes
• n° 2 CNC multi-spindle lathes
• n° 12 CNC single-spindle machines
• n° 1 automatic hex bar marking machine
• n° 2 manual rolling marking machines
• n° 1 in-house tool room equipped with CAD, CAM, CNC and wire EDM machines
• n° 1 CNC machining center
Surface treatments
• n° 2 automatic cleaning machine
• n° 1 annealing furnace
• Zinc plating (CR6 free) and Zinc-Nickel according to specifications by qualified external suppliers
• n° 2 automatic bending machines
• n° 4 manual bending machines
• n° 2 automatic crimping machines
• n° 3 manual crimping machines
• n° 2 manual thrust wire nut assembly machines
• n° 1 automatic packaging line

All the manufacturing machines are equipped with an integrated system for production planning, control and management and as well for quality monitoring in real time.